Sometimes the best way to help people change their lives is by supporting IVDT-type projects. But sometimes it is important to work for wider structural change – changing laws, attitudes and lifestyles so the poorest in the world have a fairer chance.This means getting involved in issues as well as with practical work.

MANGRO started because of our concern for the people in the area, but also because we cared about the environment generally. When a Trustee goes to visit a project, it leaves a significant carbon footprint. Supporting a tree-planting project is a way of helping to counterbalance our environmental impact. But we take our responsibility beyond that and address climate change issues in the UK as well as in India.

The ways in which people in our project areas live their lives and deal with their problems have much to teach those of us in more developed countries. IVDT is involved with development education and trainingon these issues both in India and in the UK, helping diverse communities to learn about each other, and about how their lives are inextricably linked.  We hope that from this will grow an understanding which will lead to a more equitable world and a more secure future for us all. Read more about our campaigns: