Integrated Village Development Trust has been working in India for twenty years and has already begun to see the effects of climate change. The people in our project areas, often the poorest in India, are the ones who suffer first and worst. Our projects are designed to help protect these people against the effects of climate change, and to give them the tools to provide a long-term future for themselves, their families and their communities.

MANGRO helps by planting mangrove and other trees (over 290,000 so far), by helping communities prevent and prepare for disaster and by helping people to improve their economic situation.

EMCOR (Community Radio Project) & EIEIO (Education in Environment Issues, Orissa) raise levels of awareness of environmental issues so that vulnerable communities are more likely to protect their environment. FARMING THE FUTURE will encourage more productive and environmentally sustainable farming methods to help protect communities and the environment from climate change damage.

In the UK, IVDT campaigns tirelessly for the reduction of carbon emissions in an effort to protect those with whom we work in India. We feel passionately that we must all substantially reduce our carbon footprint. Please help us by reducing yours.