We believe that an important part of our work is contributing to the understanding of development issues in the UK.

IVDT works in schools and with a range of community groups such as churches, talking about the work that it carries out, but, more importantly, providing the opportunity for people here to learn about and discuss some of the complex issues of development.

The long-term solutions to most of the problems that we see in India will inevitably be political, at a national and international level.In addition, we encourage ordinary people in the UK to realise that the choices they make can have a serious impact on the lives of others thousands of miles away. Matters such as Fair Trade, Aid and Climate Change have real meaning to the people that we work with, and we are happy to provide speakers, exhibitions or education materials to schools and organisations who might find us of use. Please click here to see if any of our downloadable resources might be of use to you, or contact us and we will see how we can best help.