Sometimes the problems seem so huge and it is difficult to imagine quite how we can make a real difference. The important thing to remember is that by making a donation you become a partner with may other donors. Even small amounts can produce truly effective results in the field.

The MANGRO Project
  • £5 will buy 25 sapling trees
  • £5 will buy 5 books for the library
  • £6 pays for a study trip for a student to the Forest Reserve at Bhitarkanika
  • £10 pays for 50 copies of the Eco-clubs newsletter
  • £25 will pay for a simple microscope, or a pair of sturdy binoculars
  • £50 pays for training for 35 Self-help Group members
  • £100 will pay to set up the demonstration tree nursery,or the demonstration vegetable garden
  • £250 will train 300 children in looking after their tree nurseries
  • £700 covers a year’s salary for one of the Forest workers
  • £750 will pay  for the printing costs of one of our Eco-modules
The Baliga Trust Projects
  • £10 pays for six days training each year for schoolteachers so they are better able to give support to remedial children
  • £30 pays for art materials for one centre for a year
  • £125 will buy books for one centre’s library
  • £600 will cover the cost of a part-time music and drama teacher for10 centres
The Farming the Future Project
  • £10 will pay for raising 25 saplings in a tree nursery which can then be used for a Village Forest Garden
  • £60 pays set up a Village Seed Bank and to train two people to look manage it
  • £225 will pay for training 50 farmers in improved environment-friendly methods of growing rice