Our concern is to relieve poverty in the long run, not just in the immediate future. Our funds are best invested in developing skills, and enabling people to solve their own problems. Project development is shared between IVDT, our Indian partners and the community. In this way the work is most likely to be effective. Our projects are designed for sustainability, socially to discourage long-term dependency, and environmentally as well.


We fund two projects run by the Baliga Trust  in Delhi – KALA KUTIR which is an arts education programme, and STEP-UP which remedial support to children who have been out of school, helping to enter mainstream education.




MANGRO is a community-based  project in Kendrapara, Orissa, restoring and replanting the coastal mangro plants which are essential to preventing costal erosion. Over fifty villages are involved. Tree nurseries generate new mangro plants which are planted out thus helping protect the villages against the consequences of climate change.  As well as mangro plants, the nurseries develop saplings of fruit trees helping improve the diet and the economic position of the villagers.



EIEIO (Education in Environment Issues, Orissa) is a spin off from the MANGRO project. We carry out environmental education in the community and in schools.





EMCOR is a Community Radio project in the tribal uplands. Over half a million people can listen in their own language, to programmes they help make and which address issues of real concern to them. Many of them listen in groups and are able to work out strategies for addressing their problems.  The project has helped thousands of villagers gain access to government benefits.



Looking ahead, we are working on a a project to help increase farm productivity.