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The coast of Orissa is particularly prone to serious cyclone, exacerbated by climate change. The best protection for the people in the area is planting mangrove and other trees.

Run by our Indian partner, CHALE CHALO, our Community-based Mangrove Regeneration Project in Kendrapara has run for nine years, working in 50 villages, and has four aspects to its work:

  • planting trees (over 1.5 million so far), both mangrove and fruit-bearing species;
  • environmental education for the community and for schoolchildren – we have over 60 Eco-clubs in the area;
  • improving the financial situation of vulnerable members of the community through micro-finance and income- generation projects;
  • working with government departments and other social and environmental organisations in the area.

This extraordinary project has really captured the imagination of the local people and has become an important part of their lives. Our aim is that this work should continue as long as there is a need and as long as we are able to support it. The MANGRO Resources Centre has become a highly respected focus for all environment-related activities in the area, a valuable source of information, and a useful place to meet people with common concerns. If you would like to know more about this project please click here (directed to Project Papers).

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