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This is a little project which started as a result of a suggestion by one of the villagers when we were meeting to discuss the possibility of the BAREFOOT LAWYERS PROJECT. For the first time ever all the village children were enrolled in school, most of them first generation learners, but many of them had difficulty doing their

homework because of lack of space at home and lack of light. All it needed was a room where they could come after school and in the evening, somewhere with a light, and a volunteer to help them with their work and supervise them. A cupboard with a small library of reference books and a blackboard would be some useful extras. The Ccntre is managed by a small committee and run by volunteers. The cost is minimal, but it makes an enormous difference to village school-children.


There is a wide range of books. The library is open for four hours a day, and all day on Sunday. Ten to fifteen children come daily, and the centre is also widely used by adults, for reference, for learning to read, and for interest. They have all kinds of ideas for adding to the collection of books, and are working on ways of getting government money to buy a computer which can link them to the internet. Exciting times. They are incredibly proud of their Study Centre. We are not appealing for money to create more of these Study Centres, but it is just possible that some of our supporters might be interested in sponsoring one. Do get in touch with us if you like the idea of that. There are plenty of villages which could benefit from a scheme such as this.