Our donors are partners in the project work we carry out on. Quite simply, without their help our work would be impossible. We are forever grateful to their contribution. The gifts that have been given to us over the years have transformed the lives of countless thousands, and we wish to thank our donors whatever the size and nature of their gift.

We are particularly grateful to the following:

• The Big Lottery for supporting the BAREFOOT LAWYERS Project;
• The Peter Cundill Foundation for supporting the Step-up Project;

· The Just Trust for generous support over many years;
• The Association for Cultural Exchange (ACE) for regular and generous donations for many projects over the years;
• The Funding Network for help with MANGRO;
• Jennifer Anderson, Mike Deeks, Mary Stephens, Anthony Stevens, Roger Sturdy, generous and loyal donors;
• The Network for Social Change for their help towards CKD ACTION;
• The Religious Society of Friends, for long-term support;
• Gillie Howarth, a thoughtful donor whose active support has made so much possible;

and to all the other individuals and organisations who have helped in this enterprise over many years.