27.05.2021 – We have not had any post-cyclone news from our MANGRO project team who are very busy helping assess the situation and tidying up the mess, but a “Down to Earth” report can be reached on the following link.  It is a good summary of the situation in our project area:  Cyclone Yaas fells hundreds of trees in Bhitarkanika, hit on fauna being assessed (downtoearth.org.in) 

26.05.2021 – Cyclone Yaas has hit the coast of Odisha, just where we have been working for many years, helping to restore the mangrove forest and strengthen the economic and environmental sustainability of local communities.  This is a brief report on the situation for all those who are interested.  NEWS ABOUT CYCLONE YAAS

For film footage from Down to Earth, see 

Cyclone Yaas ravages through Odisha – YouTube


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